Where there is an end, there is also a new beginning.

(in principle, it would be good to have read the first part). Deutsche Version

“You are really hard to see with all that sand, are those barrels you are sitting on? Maybe even water barrels with the water of life?” came from the navigator, who couldn’t wait to finally get on with the search.

And again the image blurred, got a little better, wobbled, blurred again, and suddenly became clear. The spacecraft crew was shown a completely different picture.

Three_leprechauns_sitting behind_a_whisky_barrel_in_the_evening_sun3

“Did you imagine that about what you wanted to find – you can have that!” came from the speakers – “life is just an illusion anyway, at least without…”.

One of the goblins slapped the speaker’s hat: “Shut up, you don’t know what they really want – maybe they want our gold – and you’re giving it all away”.

“Ouch”, the other one shouted back, “I already wouldn’t have revealed anything, they are too stupid anyway and don’t even know what they are looking for!”

And clap – he got another one on his hat, “At least be polite, after all they are our guests!”

“Well, come on down, or better yet, we’ll come up,” and the three disappeared from the sreens and immediately appeared in the middle of the headquarters, which had suddenly turned into a cozy bar.

Kobolde in Bar

Strangely, not only the control center had changed, but the goblins also seemed different somehow, but no one from the crew noticed.

“So-” began the spokesman for the goblins, “how can we help you?”

“Well, so that’s how” began the commander, “we are looking for – The Water of Life – and when we saw your big barrels in the desert, we thought maybe there is water in there – maybe even the Water of Life ???!!!”.

“Oh the water of life you are looking for and that in our barrels, but what do you need it for?”.

“Well because of the humans…”, the commander tried to explain, but was immediately interrupted by the goblins:

“So, did those humans do something again, are they bashing each other’s heads in again – or even you?”

“No, no, nothing like that, the humans are important to us and for us, but that’s a long story!”

“Well,” laughed the goblin, “we don’t have anything else to do right now, so get busy!”

And the commander told the story we already know, how the people in the universe had changed and integrated into the community, and that everything was going fine until you met those bat-like ones.

“Yes, that’s the situation – and if the water of life is not able to cure this damnable disease, then the people are lost – maybe even the whole universe,” the commander sighed when he reached the end of his narration.

“Whoa, strong stuff,” the goblins exclaimed, “let’s have a little drink of water on that first.” And they filled their cups, which they suddenly held in their hands, and drank noisily.

“Ah that feels good, such a sip of water is something fine”.

At that moment the human in the team got symptoms of the disease and immediately became absolutely melancholy.

“Oh dear – now it’s all too late – he was the only one who really still believed in the possibility of a cure,” the crew exclaimed, already quite resigned.

“Well, let’s give him a sip of our water, maybe he’ll feel better,” suggested the leader of the goblins.

“But not from the barrel, that’s too strong for him, he’s not used to it – take our bottle”! said another and already a big bottle appeared in the center.


A mysterious green glow surrounded them and the crew began to whisper furtively, voicing various opinions:

“there’s no way there’s water in there”

“they surely want to poison us all”

” if man drinks the water, he dies – but he does so”.

But all the whispering and complaining was to be in vain, the goblin had quickly filled a glass and held it to the human’s lips.

“Here drink this, it will help you!”

“Oh no,” muttered the human, ” – it doesn’t matter – it doesn’t matter – the universe doesn’t care about me and I don’t care about the universe!”

“Well, if it doesn’t matter, then you can drink,” the goblin shouted and promptly held the human’s nose. When he opened his mouth to take a breath, the goblin poured the whole glass into him.

The human swallowed and swallowed, shook himself, had to cough and sneeze (the goblin had let go of his nose in the meantime) – then a glow went over his face and he rejoiced: “What an aroma, what a taste and the finish only! Can I have more, please?”

The crew cheered, “Hooray, the man is cured!”

The commander commented laconically, “It seems we have found the water of life!”.

To be continued….